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Category: Home and Decor

03 July

When it comes to visiting a residential flooring shop, homeowners usually have a hard time deciding what type of floor they should choose due to the fact that each flooring option possesses a number of unique characteristics that also double as advantages, and having multiple amazing options to choose from can really make it difficult […]

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06 June

A roof truss is a pre-fabricated structure with straight pieces that form a series of triangular sections to support the load of a roof. They allow flexible placement of interior walls and span the outer walls of a structure. They are also an essential component to create a structurally sound home or building. While the […]

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03 June

The primary job of kitchen splashbacks is to protect your walls from various elements unleashed by cooking, like grease stains, oil splashes and moisture. However, over time a splashback has become one of the most vital aspects of the design of your kitchen, regardless of the material and product you choose, it does become the […]

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